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Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois

Position on Center for Independent Living Base Funding

It is the position of the Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois that, consistent with the mandates of the Rehabilitation Act (the Act), that new Centers for Independent Living that comply with the standards and assurances in Section 725 of the Act be established in previously unserved areas. This is consistent with Illinois= mission for all persons with significant disabilities to have full access to Centers for Independent Living that are providing consumer-controlled, community-based, culturally competent, timely, comprehensive and appropriate independent living services, that assist them in reaching their self-selected goals. There are currently 20 counties in Illinois that are not within the catchment area of a Center for Independent Living.

To this end, the Statewide Independent Living Council supports the following expansion of Centers for Independent Living at the minimum base funding level of $250,000:

Current statistics indicate that almost 75% of Center for Independent Living (CIL) services are provided from within the county where the CIL is located leaving the counties where a CIL is not located grossly underserved. Branch and satellite office expansion, as well as base funding, will help to provide much needed outreach to these currently underserved areas.

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